Dryer Exhaust Specialist



Poorly maintained dryer vents are one of the major causes of house fires.  Jet Stream Services will assess, clean, and fully remove any vulnerabilities that can often only be addressed by a seasoned expert who has seen the full gamut of issues.  



Air quality is a great concern for many people. Whether it's allergies or nuisance dust, having your air ducts professionally cleaned can make a significant improvement in your indoor air quality.


Major Appliance Repair



Washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, dish washers, etc... At some point, you just need someone to tell you if it's fixable or if it's time to get something different.  Jet Stream Services will give you a real and honest assessment of what your appliance needs, address any issues that are fixable, and point you in the right direction if it's not something Jet Stream can help you with. 



 Our job is to reduce your risk of disaster.  Each call is approached with a comprehensive view. We routinely inspect for danger of fire, flood, electrical hazards, and gas leaks.