Jet Stream services specializes in the cleaning or replacement of dryer exhaust systems, air duct cleaning, and major appliance repair. With over 30 years of experience, all work is performed by owner/operator Daniel Landt.

Our Story

In 1995 I was working for a company repairing appliances. I had been noticing a disturbing trend. Clothes dryers were taking far too long to dry the clothes making it necessary to run two and sometimes three cycles. This trend coincided with a sharp increase in dryer fires. It was not difficult to trace the cause. Builders had begun to design homes with the laundry room in the middle of the house and often on the second floor. While this may have offered more convenience, it also made inordinately long dryer vents the new normal. Conventional dryers are simply not capable of moving air, lint, and moisture (almost a full gallon!) any more than 12-15 feet. Every elbow counts as 5 feet. Many exhaust systems which I encounter or 30 feet long or more. (therecord so far is 70 feet)
Back then, I could not find anyone who knew how to clean dryer vent's effectively. It was a relatively new problem that needed a solution. This became my incentive to start jet stream services. I started cleaning dryer vents on weekends and evenings and any holiday that was available.Within 18 months I had more work than I could handle part-time. Jet Stream Services became my full time profession.
Since then, Dryer vent cleaning has become far more mainstream. Many communities and homeowners association's require it. As a result, many companies have sprung up to capitalize on this growing need. So why should you call me to have this very important work done? It's because of the comprehensive nature of the service that I provide.
 First, I clean the entire exhaust system from the laundry room to the outside outlet. I bring decades of experience to each job to ensure the best possible outcome.
Second, the most important step and the thing that sets my service apart from many others. I disassemble and clean the dryer itself. This step is essential because 100% of all fires associated with dryer vents start in the dryer itself, at the heat source. Most companies do not take this step because they simply don't know how to disassemble and clean the dryer to make it fire safe. Cleaning our dryer vent without cleaning the dryer itself cannot prevent a fire. I can even make a strong case that it even makes you more vulnerable to a fire when if you simply did nothing. It's important (and cost effective)to hire someone who has both skill sets to do this very important work.